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"Quality is honor"

About us

Phuong Trang was established on November 15, 2002 with principal business activities in the field of buying and selling cars, passenger transport, real estate and business services.

Launched from a small business with only the car number from 5 to 10 passenger cars of all kinds. Over the course of operation, the business line Prestige - Quality, service motto "Quality is the honor", the polite, gentle, caring, attentive staff, Public Investment Corporation Phuong Trang has become a reliable address of numerous customers in the country, was the passenger and government leaders at all levels wholeheartedly praise and appreciation.

In the field of passenger transport company expanding high-quality transport service for the travel needs of people from the central region of Hue and Da Nang to most of the provinces in the Mekong Delta region Cage. With picture car modern orange 45 seats, equipped with dark green shirt of team drivers Phuong Trang has put most of the roads of the country from the late domain Hue Country. Phuong Trang Corporation of vehicles grows and is invested properly. To date, the company has over 200 bus 45 seats Hyundai brand's most advanced lines for fixed routing:

TP.HCM Đà Lạt, TP. HCM Cần Thơ, TP.HCM Vĩnh Long, TP.HCM Cà Mau, TP.HCM Rạch Giá, TP.HCM Long Xuyên, TP.HCM Châu Đốc, TP.HCM Mũi Né, TP.HCM Nha Trang, TP.HCM Qui Nhơn, TP.HCM Đà Nẵng, Đà Lạt Nha Trang, Đà Lạt Đà Nẵng, Đà Lạt Cần Thơ.

In addition the company also engaged in public transport operations in major cities such as bus Nha Trang - Cam Ranh, Dalat bus. People are familiar with image Invona taxi fleet Future with 7 seats new life serving the needs of passengers traveling in the city. HCM. The passenger transportation by Phuong Trang Corporation present mostly on fixed routes linking the major economic center with the advantage of having a high operating range and safety should be considered Phuong Trang Corporation units substances supply of vehicles and passenger transport services headed country.

Business real estate business areas of the company is still young but has achieved certain results with high-quality products are prepared to be offered to help build a residential community long. People have been known brands real estate project Phuong Trang via Danang Plaza Apartments, Park Apartment New Pearl, Project Urban Ecology Sea Phuong Trang Da Nang Bay ...


Become a Vietnam leading company in providing these products and services of good quality in the field of real estate and passenger transportation with reasonable prices to the community. The company always works with the motto "always faithful - teamed, and honor, and prosperity". In the current trend of integration company is looking to develop and expand multidisciplinary activities to integrate into the development of the country.


Ensure maximum benefit for customers with quality products and top service. All activities of the Company are set QUALITY factors leading up to the principle of "Quality is the honor". The company seeks to minimize management costs, costs to provide preferential policies and reasonable price for customers. On the other hand, we constantly strengthen after-sales service to ensure maximum benefit to the customer.


Integration and development, contribute to the prosperity of the country's human resources are key factors, is the biggest asset of the Company. We focused on creating a modern working environment, dynamic, friendly and given professional development opportunities for all members. The satisfaction of customers is a testament to the quality of services of the Company. We constantly improve and develop business capabilities, always find out the needs of customers to bring products, perfect service, the maximum meet customer expectations.

More than 20,000,000 passengers

FUTA serves more than 20,000,000 passengers all over the country per year.

More than 200 ticket offices, shuttle offices

FUTA has more than 200 ticket offices, shuttle offices, stations.

More than 1,000 trips per day

FUTA serves over 1,000 trips per day.

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