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Booking guide

Step 1: Please select the route that you desire to travel by chosing the orgin, the destination, the date and the ticketing quantity than click "Book now".

Step 2: Please select the routes from the given list provided by FUTABUS.VN

Step 3: After selected the route, please pick up the departure time which is suitable to your schedule

Step 4: The seating diagram will show up allowed you to reserve the available chairs, the booked positions will be displayed in the red colour.

Step 5: Please fill up the blank of those required information included: Your full name, mobile numbers, Email, No ID card, the destination you will depart

After finish you can recheck the information and than click "confirm".

You have to click on " I agreed with the terms" than select "Book now" to progress or you can click "disagree" which will cancel the whole process

Notice: You have maximum 7 minutes to complete the booking process, after 7 minutes if you are not finish yet, the whole process will be restarted.

Step 6: Payment Online. The amount of money you need to pay for the fair price will be showed, you can pay via domestic card or international card than please select the Banks and click "Process payment online"

Step 7: The Website will redirect to the payment site of the chosen bank than please fill up your account information to continue the process.

Step 8: Receive confirmation

Step 9: You can use confirmed SMS/Email from FUTABUS.VN to get on the vehicle or exchange to real ticket.

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